10 amazing facts about mobile phones that you must know

Smart Phones

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Mobiles phones are one of the greatest inventions in human History. It’s a proven fact, no one can argue on it. Today, mobile phones have made us mobile in real sense as we are connected to the world any time and from any where. But do you that there are several interesting facts related to mobile pones. Let’s fine them out here…

Nokia 1100 series is the best selling mobiles or electrical gadget ever sold in the planet. More than 250 million devices were sold by the company.

The first mobile phone Dyna TAC was sold at a price of $4000 in US way back in early 80s.

Apple – the luxurious phone manufacturer – sold IPhone almost 3, 40,000 every day in 2012.

A study in UK found that most mobile phones carry about 18 times more TVC bacteria than toilet handles.

More than 90% of mobile phones used in Japan are water proof as youngster use them in shower.

According to a research in Sweden Karolinska Institute and Wayne State University in US, it was found that radiation from mobile phones can cause insomnia, confusion and headache to users.

Martin copper- the inventor of mobile phones –  is the first person to talk in hand held mobile phones in 1973.

Scientists have developed a new way of charging mobile phones through urine.

Current smart phones have more computing power than the computers used in Apollo 11 for moon mission.

People in UK drop about 1, 00,000 mobiles phones annually in the toilet every year.

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