10 amazing facts about music that everyone should know

Music factsThey call music a global language and they say it right. No matter what language a song is written and sung in, but if you have a good ear for music, you can still enjoy every bit without understanding even a single word of it. That’s the miracle it carries.

Do you know that the music you hear says a lot about you? Yes, that’s right. Don’t be surprised, there are many more surprising things  associated with music. Continue reading to find out the amazing world of music in a better way.

Soothing music lowers blood pressure. It also reduces anxiety and relieves stress hormones considerably.

You can learn a lot about someone by analyzing the kind of music they listen to. Most people connect and attach their favorite songs to some important emotional events in their lives.

Music is as addictive to brain as drug for addicts. Yes, perhaps that’s the reason people who love music finds it difficult to live happy without it.

Sometimes a chill, goose-bump, or soothing feeling arises when listening to favorite music, it is called musical frisson.

Couples having similar preference for music or songs relatively have stronger relationship than others.

Doctor advice students not to listen to pop music during study as it can hamper ability to learn and memorize.

Listening to music during working out improves physical performance.

Doctors have prescribed music for treating Parkinson’s disease and Stroke in patients.

Learning to play musical instrument increases the IQ level by upto five point. People use their brain more and gets smarter if they know how to play a musical instrument.

Human heart beat changes and mimics the music of the song you are listening to.

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