10 less-known interesting facts of women in general

--- Image by © Kevin Dodge/Corbis

— Image by © Kevin Dodge/Corbis

Women – the fairer sex – has distinctive behavior and character to man. So, let us find out some less-known and interesting facts about women behaviors in general. Here we go with the list.

They are talkative. yes, women talk more than men. Women speak about 20, 000 words per day which is 13, 000 words more than average men.

Don’t tell your secret to a female friend. Oppss! But that’s right. A research reveals that 47 hours and 15 minutes is the average time a woman can keep its secret without telling to others.

According to Scientists, a newborn baby’s smell excites the women like a drug addict looks for his fix. They can’t just resist from holding a baby. Perhaps, that’swhy they are so good moms, aren’t they?

According to a survey, women spend more than one year of their lifetime in deciding what to wear. Well, that’s pretty impressive job, isn’t it? Perhaps, that’s the reason they look so gorgeous all the time. :)

In a year, women cry about 30 to 64 time average where as men only 6 to 17 times.

Women wear high heels to look masculine but ironically, men wore high heels in wayback in 1600S.

An average woman has more taste buds in tongue than man. So, are they all foodies in general? Don’t know, need more research on the topic…

An average woman in UK owns about 111 handbags in her lifetime.

69 is the highest number of babies born from single mother. What a perfect number!

It is shocking to know that in every 90 seconds, a woman dies of pregnancy and child birth. That’s literally shocking.

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