8 reasons why you should drink Coconut water ?

coconut water

Image: thesoulfulvegan

Coconut is a fruit found in tropical regions around the world. There are many benefits associated with drinking coconut water. The daily consumption of coconut water bring numerous health benefits. Let’s us find out what they are…

Coconut water is a low-calorie natural beverage which is far better than other calorie packed sport drinks and juices.

It is a good hydrating agent and perfect alternative to water for quenching thirst. It is cholesterol free and low in carbohydrate.

Drink is rich in essential nutrients like sulfur, zinc, iodine, manganese, boron, molybdenum and ascorbic acid.

Coconut water contains cytokinins. It is a hormone found in the plant which controls cell growth, development and ageing. It contains antioxidant, potassium and lauric acid to maintain ph level, hydrate connecting tissue and control aging.

During second world war and even today in many developing countries, coconut water is used instead of saline for transfusion to wounded soldiers or patients as it contains chemical similar to blood plasma. It’s a supplement to treat dehydration disease like cholera and gastroenteritis.

Drinking coconut water helps in maintaining health. It reduces blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol and thus, reducing the risk of heart attacks.

It is good for digestive system and maintains urinary health. It is helpful in various ailments like stomach flu, constipation, dysentery, intestinal worm, bladder infections, indigestion, and malfunctioning kidney. Drinking nut water three times a week can reduce the size of stone in kidney found according to a research in Philippines.

Drinking this water is safe for children, adult and pregnant women with no side effect.

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